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Dennis Raynor - 7¼" & 5" Gauge 'Screw Fit' Track

"The above picture shows PNP 5" & 7¼" gauge track on a 12' 6" radius curve using full gauge widening. This part of my garden is frequently under water during winter. The tide had just gone out when I took this picture although you can still see some of the water in the top left hand corner!

When I first laid the track it floated up on the water-logged ballast due to the buoyancy inherent in the hollow sleepers. The ballast fell in under the track and so the track kept on moving up every time the track flooded. To overcome this problem, I lifted the track and filled the sleeper voids with cement. This seems to have done the trick and the track is a lot more stable but I have lost some of the benefit of the ballast locking in under the (no longer hollow) sleeper."

7¼ & 5 inch Gauge Screw Fit Track
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