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Edward Hodson - Cordite Paste Wagon

"I am interested in the 18" gauge railway which used to operate in the Royal Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey. I have used your bearings and wheel sets to produce a model of the Hudson Cordite Paste Wagon supplied to the factory in 1939. Thanks to your materials the vehicle is free running and very stable. The attached pictures show the simple construction. 

It is complete with leather floor and felt roof but still to be made are the side curtains and brake gear operating wheels. The final picture shows the van on running trials today at Stafford MES track behind my battery powered model of the Ruston Proctor ZLH oil engined loco, 4 of which used to run on the mill railway. Of cource this consist could never have existed at WARGM as the ZLH loco's were replaced by battery "tugs" in the 1930's and this make of van was not introduced unitl 1939. Suprisingly not many people know that!! I hope to make further items of WARGM and RAD rolling stock in 5" gauge in due course."

Cordite Paste Wagon Cordite Paste Wagon Cordite Paste Wagon
Cordite Paste Wagon
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