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One of the most common questions that we get asked when it comes to braking systems is; "What items will I require to fit vacuum brakes to two carriages and a loco?"

There are of course many different types of locomotives and rolling stock so there is no generic answer. The solution shown below is based on a narrow-gauge Romulus hauling two eight wheeled wagons. On the loco, all wheels are braked whilst on the wagons just the rear four wheel bogie is braked.

1 X PNR-4R 
Ejector No 1
Required to create the vacuum  £76.00
1 x PNR-1H 
Vacuum Limiting Valve
 pnr-1h-tn.jpg Used to set the limit of vacuum in the system  £39.00
1 x PNR-3P
7¼" Narrow Gauge Progresive Brake Valve with Lap
 pnr-3p-tn-1.jpg To open and close the train pipe enabling the brakes to be applied, held or released. £188.00 
3 x PNR-1C
Vacuum Reservoir
 pnr-1c-tn.jpg To hold a reserve of vacuum without which the brakes would not be able to be applied  £49.50
3 x PNR-2D
Vacuum Brake Kit with Trunnion
 pnr-2d-tn-1.jpg The vessel inside which the diaphragm moves the piston rod to either release or apply the brakes. This version is trunnion mounted to allow for fitting in carriages where space may be an issue.  £131.55
3 x PNR-1G
Vacuum Release Valve

 pnr-1g-tn.jpg The vacuum release valve is employed to allow atmospheric air pressure into the vacuum reservoir. If the vacuum brakes are still applied on a detached vehicle, which has to be moved, pulling the ring activates it and releases the brakes.  £36.00
2 x PNR-3U
Brass vacuum Gauge
 pnr-3u-tn.jpg Two are required, one to show the vacuum and the second to show what is in the reservoir on the loco.  £99.40
3 x PNR-1E
1/3 Scale Brake Blocks (Set of 4)
 pnr-1e-tn.jpg Designed for 7¼" narrow gauge rolling stock and locomotives with 5" - 8" wheel diameter. These will need to be drilled to align with your brake hangers.  £46.05
6 x PNR-1J
T-hose connector
 pnr-1j-tn.jpg    £8.40
3 x PNR-1M
¼" BSP Socket
 pnr-1m-tn.jpg    £6.00
3 x PNR-1L
Male Taper Hose
 pnr-1l-tn.jpg    £5.25
4 metres PNR1I
Clear PVC Tube 
3 1/16th inch
 pnr-1i-tn.jpg    £4.20
   TOTAL    £689.35

March 2019