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John Holroyd - Vacuum brake Equipment

Southern Railway Ballast Brake Van

"Here are some pictures of a project which uses Products from the PNP range.

It was decided that a Brake Van could be built which would supply a Vacuum to a train which did not have a vacuum fitted locomotive. In this case it was ideal as the locomotive which would pull the Brake Van was only small.

The first picture shows the locomotive in question, an Adams B4 Dock tank. The locomotive is fitted with a Vacuum Ejector; However this uses lots of valuable steam from the small boiler.

The Van is 7¼ inch gauge and to 1½ inch scale. The Interior of the van was designed to house the PNP 12V vacuum pump which is accompanied by a Vacuum reservoir. There are two vacuum gauges and a brake release valve. Underneath the van are a brake cylinder, RCH brake blocks and the various tubes and connectors which were all supplied by PNP."

Vacuum Brake Equipment Vacuum Brake Equipment vacuum Brake Equipment
Vacuum Brake Equipment
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