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Article posted on Thursday, 31st January 2019
Riverside Miniature Railway (RMR) - St Neots.


The RMR bought 3 PNP 12v electric vacuum pumps (PNR-2E) to be fitted to three new dedicated guarding vehicles. All their trains are vacuum braked including carriages that have been adapted to facilitate wheelchairs. Each train has a separate guard who has access to the vacuum pumps. The guard's vans are also fitted with PNP brake actuators.




The RMR currently has about 60 members using a 300-metre single circuit. Plans are in place to add a 350-metre extension with works going on throughout the year. In addition to the 3 new guarding vehicles they will be adding a new steam locomotive to the fleet.

The club has made a commitment to using sustainable materials and running a sustainable operation that is accessible to the entire community. They work in conjunction with "Switch Now" an organisation that aims to provide young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities with opportunities to learn new skills and gain work experience.

We asked why they opted for PNP Railways products;

"Our decision to opt for the PNP products was based on my experience of previous purchases and dealings with your company. Although only of very small value in comparison to this order, brake blocks and vacuum braking elements, reservoir parts and brake actuator, the components have proved very easy to use and reliable.

I suspect we might have got a cheaper product elsewhere on this occasion, but my confidence in the quality of your products, coupled with my first-rate customer experience from your company and particularly Paul Norman himself made the choice an easy one.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions and of course we would welcome any of your team to come and visit our railway to see what we are doing in St Neots. We are proud of our project and keen to operate to the highest standards of professionalism and safety, our vacuum braked coaching stock and guards on all trains are a part of this philosophy."

We will be looking forward to seeing the completed project and will be visiting them in the spring. Updates to follow. For more information on Riverside Miniature Railway click here.