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Article posted on Tuesday, 19th March 2019

We've visited many a heritage railway over the past year or so. They all have their commonalities and they each have their own charm and unique attributes. The Somerset and Dorset, (We shall call it the S&D from here on) may only boast a mile of track but it put a smile on our faces a mile wide.



We happened to pick the weekend of the diesel gala. Three BR carriages were being hauled by 08 D4095 and an English Electric D1120 either in tandem or solo.




What put the big wide smile on our faces was the warmth of the welcome and amenability of the volunteers manning the charming little station at Midsomer Norton. Whilst focussing in on the signal box, the signalman graunched open a window and called down that we would be very welcome to climb up and view from inside. Not only was this a great vantage point from which to capture photographs of the locos and carriages, the interior itself was worthy of inspection. And the big bonus was that it was toasty warm compared to the chill wind sweeping the platforms.


somerset_dorset_3.jpg  somerset_dorset_5.jpg


The warmth of the hospitality extended to us by the signalman seemed to be a common thread amongst the volunteers as no sooner had we descended from our lovely warm perch than we were invited to board the static guards van which was another unexpected added bonus.


somerset_dorset_6.jpg     somerset_dorset_7.jpg


Within the station grounds there is a café sited within an old BR buffet car, now static, a museum and a path that winds its way up a small hill passing a WW2 bomb shelter, an "unexploded" bomb (at least we trust it was not live) and an old pill box. From here you have a commanding view of the two platforms and sidings. 

somerset_dorset_9.jpg  somerset_dorset_10.jpg  somerset_dorset_8.jpg

Needless to say we were active with the camera and grabbed shots not just of the station and its surroundings but full size images of some of the model size versions that we supply.

 somerset_dorset_14.jpg  smerset_dorset12.jpg  somerset_dorset_13.jpg


pnp_drawhook.jpg  pnp_rch_brake_block.jpg pnp_buffers.jpg


Drawhook with gedge slot #50086 - Standard Scale RCH Brake Blocks #PNR-4Z - Coach Buffer-Round Bufferhead #50057


The S&D Railway Heritage Trust has ambitious plans to add more to the station. You can read about that here. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and would like to extend our thanks to all the volunteers that made us feel so welcome.