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Paul Ash - Vacuum Brake Equipment

"As a customer of PNP railways I would like to give you some feedback on the PNR-4R 21" vacuum ejector, PNR-1G vacuum release valve and PNR-3P brake valve. In 2006 I completed the building of a large 7¼" gauge steam locomotive to a Roger Marsh Tinkerbell type design. I was looking to fit vacuum brakes to the loco and found the PNP product range to be ideally suited to my needs. After a discussion over my intended use I was assured the vacuum ejector and valves would be suitable.

I fitted these to the locomotive as recommended and found they worked perfectly from the start. I was particularly impressed by the vacuum ejector that was able to generate over 15" of vacuum on a 13 coach train (the maximum load for the loco), whilst using very little steam in the process. Another benefit is the reliability of the product as it has never failed me in over 2 years of regular service. The only change I have made is to fit a stainless steel handle to the brake valve to match the other cab fittings.

The locomotive is called Perseus and runs on the Moors Valley Railway (MVR) in Dorset. The ejector is fitted next to the main steam pipe and exhausts through the chimney."

Vacuum Brake Equipment Vacuum Brake Equipment Vacuum Brake Equipment
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