3½” Gauge Sleeper

Part No.  PNR-9K

£0.52 Inc.VAT

Slightly over scale, but still in keeping for standard scale engines, the sleepers are also ideal for narrow gauge. Can be used for ground level tracks (if your balance is ok) or ideal for raised level tracks.

The sleepers are injection moulded from high grade engineering polymers, making them extremely durable, rot, frost and UV resistant.

The system is very quick and easy to assemble, no drilling is required. The sleepers are moulded with pilot holes for the screws, plus automatic gauge widening built-in.

The sleepers have hollow ribbed undersides to allow the ballast to enter, making an extremely stable base.

The following rail fixing options can be used with this sleeper:
• PNR-1T-B – ‘Screw Fit’ chair to suit 5/8″ x 5/8″ aluminum rail
• PNR-2G – ‘Screw Fit’ chair to suit 2lb yard (21mm) high steel or aluminum rail
• PNR-7Y – ‘Clip Fit’ chair to suit 5/8″ x 5/8″ aluminum rail

This sleeper is also available as part of a kit. Available in 1.25m (4ft), 2.5m (8ft) and 10m (32ft) lengths. The shorter lengths are ideal for standing the loco on while building, or indeed displaying the finished model. The 10m Kits are ideal for laying in the garden or for use as a portable track.

Both systems are easy to assemble and benefit from selectable gauge widening, the advantage of the Clip Fit chairs, is that no screws are required, just slide the chairs onto the rails, and push into the sleepers.

What’s in the box?

3½“ Gauge Sleeper

(L) 190mm x (W) 22mm x (H) 15mm

Recommended Sleeper Spacing: ~
70mm centres

Sold individually

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