5″ Gauge Pedestal Bearings

Part No.  PNR-4Q & PNR-4S

£25.00 Inc.VAT

Nicely detailed with square headed bolts and oil hole cover. They are moulded in acetal and incorporate a sliding top half to the main bearing which rests on two sturdy concealed springs giving a smooth running sprung axle box. Available in Black or Rust.

The pedestals are designed to fit a chassis member of 20 mm wide by 25 to 40 mm deep, and a between chassis side member measurement of 170 mm.

They have been designed to be used in conjunction with 10 mm outside diameter polished axles, with a journal length of 44 mm from the inside (back) of the wheel, assuming back to back measurement is 119 mm. The ends of the axles should not have more than 1 to 1.5 mm end clearance, 2 to 3 mm total. The clearance must be no more than stated or the top-bearing shoe could move out of the pedestal body.

PLEASE NOTE: These items are not designed to be used for passenger carrying.

4 x Pedestal Bearings

PNR-4Q & 4S Narrow Gauge Pedestal Bearings Assembly Instructions
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