5″ True Scale Display Track Kit

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Whether you are looking to display the finished model or require a short length of track to stand the loco on while building, you can purchase a kit of parts that make up either a 4ft (1.25m) or 8ft (2.5m) length of track. The kits are available in all gauges with either the ‘Screw Fit’ or ‘Clip Fit’ chair and include the sleepers, chairs, screws and rail.



This kit contains all the components required to make up 2.5m (8ft) length of track.  The system is quick and easy to assemble, no drilling required as sleepers are moulded with pilot holes for the screws, plus automatic gauge widening built in. The sleepers have a hollow ribbed underside to allow the ballast to enter, making an extremely stable base.  The PNP track system is ideal for standing the loco on while building, displaying the finished model or for laying in the garden or as a portable track.

The sleepers and rail fittings are injection moulded from high grade engineering polymers, making them extremely durable, rot, frost and UV resistant.

5″ True Scale Sleepers  – Designed for the serious 5″ Gauge fine scale modeller who uses design references which are featured in the GL5 magazine Turnout and the writing and products of Doug Hewson and Dave Noble to name but a few. Suitable for ground and raised level tracks.

Screw Fit Chair – Is very easy to assemble, just slide the rail onto the chair, locate the spigot into the sleeper and screw down.  The chair has been designed to accept 5/8″x 5/8″ (16mm) high rail and are suitable for light and heavy use including club and commercial environments.

Clip Fit Chair – As its name implies, requires no screws to attach it to a sleeper, it just clips into position in seconds. This particular chair has been designed for use in conjunction with PNP sleepers and the lighter 5/8″ x 5/8″ (16mm) rail and enables an easy fast build of track without the need for screws or tools. Automatic gauge widening is another plus and a prototypical shape including simulated square head screws which blends well with both standard and narrow gauge models. This sturdy novel design is ideal for garden railways and indeed club use if 5/8″ x 5/8″ rail is considered adequate for the weight and traffic to be handled.

Please Note: Due to the length of this item there is a carriage surcharge. This charge is added at the checkout stage. Should you wish to order large quantities of track kits please contact us directly for a more competitive carriage price.

Sleeper Dimensions:
(L) 225mm x (W) 22mm x (H) 15mm

Recommended Sleeper Spacing:

80mm centres

Sold individually – Rail supplied in 1.25m or 2.5m Lengths

What's in the box

2.5m Kits

32 – PNR-8A – 5″ True Scale Sleepers
64 – PNR-1T-B – Screw Fit Rail Chairs with Spigot


PNR-7Y – Clip Fit Rail Chairs

5m – PNR-2C – 5/8″ x 5/8″ Aluminium Flat Bottom Rail
128 – PNR-1T-E – Screws


PNR-8G – Chair Removal Tool

1.25m Kits

16 – PNR-8A – 5″ True Scale Sleepers
32 – PNR-1T-B – Screw Fit Rail Chairs with Spigot


PNR-7Y – Clip Fit Rail Chairs

2.5m – PNR-2C – 5/8″ x 5/8″ Aluminium Flat Bottom Rail
64 – PNR-1T-E – Screws


PNR-8G – Chair Removal Tool


PNR-1T-B Chair for Flat Bottom Rail Assembly Instructions
Clip Fit
Chair for Flat Bottom Rail Assembly Instructions
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