7¼” 1/3rd Scale Vacuum Hose with Swan Neck and Coupling

Part No.  PNR-4K

£50.60 Inc.VAT

This offers a solution to the old dilemma of practicality versus prototypical appearance. Close to scale for most narrow gauge equipment.

It is easy to use and is large enough to be rugged without looking out of place on non-scale functional rolling stock. Indeed as with a lot of ancillary equipment it manages to impart a railway feel even when used in conjunction with items of a smaller scale.

The glad hand couplings are very prototypical and can be coupled and uncoupled in seconds, the only concession made to practicality is a novel automatic clip instead of a pin, the clip allows a quick no fiddle couple and a quick easy break in an emergency or when marshalling stock.

Pipes are very flexible the elastomer seals are readily replaceable if this should become necessary. The practical and rugged nature of the product allows it to be used on passenger carrying scale or non-scale rolling stock, and if used in conjunction with PNP chopper couplings makes coupling and uncoupling easy.

1/3rd scale vacuum hose including swan neck, down pipe, elbow, pipe adaptor and two pipe clamps to attach unit to rolling stock. A dolly is supplied to blank hose when required. 

What’s in the box?

1 x Vacuum Hose
1 x Down Pipe
1 x Swan Neck
1 x Elbow
1 x Vacuum Hose Coupling
1 x Vacuum Hose Dolly
1 x Pipe Adapter
2 x Vacuum Pipe Clamp – 12mm

Sold individually

See a Schematic of the Vacuum Braking System.

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