Bar Rail Packer for 5″ Gauge Line – to suit 10mm x 20mm Bar Rail

Part No.  PNR-12L

£0.17 Inc.VAT

These packers will allow you to lay a 5″ gauge line in the smaller 10mm x 20mm bar rail alongside the 7¼” line using the larger bar rail chair and 10mm x 30mm bar rail.

This packer has been designed to be used with PNR-12K Bar Rail Chair so that the chair can accommodate the smaller 10mm x 20mm Bar Rail.

The chair has been designed to be used either with our plastic 71/4″ Gauge sleeper (PNR-12i) or wooden sleepers. If used with our sleepers automatic gauge widening is built in.

Manufactured from a high grade polymer, the chair is of a compact design of pleasing appearance, embodying many full size features.

What’s in the box?

1 x Bar Rail Packer.

The system is very easy to assemble, push the bar into the chair, locate the chair onto the sleeper and screw down.

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Sold individually

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Read our Buying Guide to Narrow Gauge Track

Bar rail stockists: We have found that it is best to search for BLACK MILD STEEL BAR when looking for stockists of bar suitable for our bar rail chairs.


Discount for Quantity

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