Coal Bunker & Water Tank for PNR-7U & PNR-7V

Part No.  PNR-13D

£114.42 Inc.VAT

This polypropylene welded coal bunker and water tank has been designed to fit our 5″ gauge coal wagons,  it can be used with the braked (PNR-7V) or un-braked (PNR-7U) version.  The water compartment has a removable filler which is concealed when the seat is in place.

It has a water outlet in the base of the tank threaded ¼” b.s.p..

Dimensions: (L) 490mm x (W) 244mm x (H) 100mm

Capacity: Approximately 4.5 litre

Sold individually. These items are made to order. 4-6 weeks delivery time.