Leaf Spring Bump Stop – Wagon & Van

Part No.  50302

£9.00 Inc.VAT

Lost wax low grade stainless steel casting.

A standard RCH approved design leafspring bumpstop as used with goods rolling stock.

Mounting Hole Centres:Ā 1.1″

Height:Ā 0.56″

Ā 10Ā¼”

Production Method:Ā Investment Casting

Ā Stainless Steel

First Used On:Ā RCH Wagon

What’s in the box?

1 x Leafspring Bumpstop – Wagon & Van

ThisĀ castingĀ isĀ made-to orderĀ andĀ may incur an additional lead time, please contact us for details.

Sold individually


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