Progressive Brake Valve

Part No.  PNR-3P

£195.90 Inc.VAT

The 1/3rd scale progressive brake valve works with both electric and steam generated vacuum and is particularly good when used in conjunction with the vacuum pump.

It will allow prototypical control of the vacuum brakes. It allows subtle brake applications. Resulting in smoother and more controllable retardation of the locomotive and their loads.


Body Diameter – 2″
Body Depth – 1 1/4″
Total Depth (Including Fittings) – 2 1/4″
Vacuum Source Pipe Fitting – ¼ BSP thread
Train Pipe Fitting – ¼ BSP thread

Includes nuts and nipples for pipe soldering

What’s in the box?

1 – 7¼” Narrow Gauge Progressive Brake Valve
1 – PNR-3Z – Brake Valve Handle
1 – PNR-4I – Legend Plate
2 – M4 x 16mm Hex Set BZP Hex Head Screws

Instructions – PNR-3P – 1/3rd Scale Progressive Brake Valve 

See a Schematic of the Vacuum Braking System.

Read our Buying Guide for Vacuum Brakes

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