RCH Brake Blocks

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The brake blocks are injection moulded in a grade of nylon which is filled with glass beads to a level of 40%. These beads are very small and provide the braking medium with the plastic acting as a carrier.

They are supplied as a set of 4, ready to fit and faithfully follow full size practice having three pre-drilled holes and flange clasp as used on wagons without cross tie rods as per full size.

The true scale RCH brake block has been designed for 7¼” standard scale rolling stock and locomotives with a wheel diameter  of 4″ (PNR-4Z & 4Y) or 10¼” Standard Scale RCH Brake Block designed for 10¼” rolling stock and wagons (PNR-10H). (scaled from 3′ 1″ full size wagon wheel)

What’s in the box?

4 x Drilled Brake Blocks

Installation Instructions

•Place brake block on the wheel tread in approximate running position (making sure angle on block matches angle on wheel)

•After positioning hanger and pull rods, insert pins making sure that the flange and shoe do not bind.

Sold as a set of 4

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See a Schematic of the Vacuum Braking System.

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