Vacuum Reservoir Kit

Part No.  PNR-1C

£16.50 Inc.VAT

The reservoir is a necessary component when fitting vacuum brakes. The reserve of vacuum (if there is such a thing) makes it possible to create the differential between it and atmospheric pressure to apply a force on the diaphragm, thus applying the brakes.

The reservoir kit includes two prototypical-moulded ends, a length of plastic tubing and a sturdy purpose made strap and mounting clip. To assemble simply insert the moulded ends and glue with a suitable adhesive such as araldite.








What’s in the box?

1 x Length of Tube
1 x Bracket and Clip
2 x End Caps

PNR-1C – Vacuum Reservoir Kit Instructions 

Sold individually

See a Schematic of the Vacuum Braking System.

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