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Sole Plate with 3 Degrees of Cant

Sole Plate with 3 Degrees of Cant
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# PNR-11J

This Sole Plate has been designed to be used in conjuction with the following sleeper:

PNR-1F - 7¼" Narrow Gauge Sleeper

The sole plate is moulded in a plastic with slightly softer characteristics, but similar resistant properties to the sleeper, therefore cushions impact at the railhead. The sole plates have holes corresponding to the holes in the sleeper, allowing the screw to bite into the bosses moulded underneath. Stops moulded into the sole plate provide a secure fit for the rail clip.

The 3 degrees of cant is to enable the rail to match the angle of the wheel coning on the wheels of locomotives and rolling stock in 7¼" and 10¼" gauge. The angle should improve running by minimizing flange contact ( squealing ) and hunting ( side to side movement ).

There are three types of sole plate available; Standard, raised and 3 degreee cant. This sale is for the 3 degree cant version. The standard and raised panel versions can be found through our online store. 

Sold individually 

Ordering Information

When ordering you are only able to add up to 100 sole plates to the basket at any one time. If you wish to purchase larger quantities you will need to add the sole plates to the basket in stages.

For example if you want to order 285 sole plates you will need to add them in the following order: 100 + 100 + 85 = 285

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1 - Sole Plate with 3 Degrees of Cant
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PNR-11J - Sole Plate with 3 Degrees of Cant