Technical Advice

Vacuum Braking
*Schematic of the Vacuum Braking System.*Click here
PNR-1AVacuum Brake Kit Assembly Instructions
PNR-1CVacuum Reservoir Kit Assembly Instructions
PNR 1D & 1EBrake Block Specifications PNR-1D & 1E
PNR-1GVacuum Release Valve Operating Instructions
PNR-1HVacuum Limiting Valve Operating Instructions
PNR-2DVacuum Brake Kit with Trunnion Mounting Assembly Instructions
PNR-2EVacuum Pump Operating Instructions
PNR-3PNarrow Gauge Progressive Brake Valve Operating Instructions
PNR-4RVacuum Ejector Mounting Diagram
PNR-4RVacuum Ejector General Instructions
PNR-10K & 10LCombined Steam and Vacuum Brake Valve Assembly Instructions
PNR-11H & 11GBrake Block Dimensions PNR 11G & 11H
PNR-12HVacuum Brake Refurbishment Kit Assembly Instructions
PNR-12MVacuum Ejector Fitting Instructions
How to drill your brake blocksSee our demo on Youtube
PNR-1T-BChair for Flat Bottom Rail Assembly Instructions
PNR-2GChair for 21mm High Rail Assembly Instructions
PNR-5AChair with Spigot to suite 10x20mm Bar Rail Assembly Instructions
PNR-5M5" Gauge Buffer Stop Assembly Instructions
PNR-7NRail Bender Instructions
PNR-7Y Clip FitChair for Flat Bottom Rail Assembly Instructions
PNR-11ZSurrey Rail Chair Assembly Instructions
PNR-12KBar Rail Chairs and Spacer Assembly Instructions
PNR-12KSchematic using 12x30mm Bar Rail
How to join rail using fishplates.See our demo on Youtube
How to assemble a length of five inch gauge railway track using screw fit chairsSee our demo on Youtube
Rolling Stock & Parts
PNR-4Q & 4SNarrow Gauge Pedestal Bearings Assembly Instructions