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Building Your Garden Railway
Your Guide to Building a Standard Scale Garden Railway.Read more
How to Videos....... One of our engineers explains.
How to: Mark up and drill your brake blocks. Read more.
How to: Join rail using fish plates. Read more.
How to: Assemble track using screw fit chairs for wooden sleepers. Read more.
How do vacuum brakes work? Working Schematic of a Vacuum Braking System Read more
Vacuum Braking Products Assembly Instructions.
PNR-1A Vacuum Braking KitsRead more
PNR-1C Vacuum Reservoir KitRead more
PNR-2D Vacuum Braking Kit Trunnion MountRead more
PNR-10K & 10L Combined Steam & Vacuum Brake ValvesRead more
PNR-12H Vacuum Braking Refurbishment KitRead more
Trackwork Products Assembly Instructions.
PNR-1T-B Chairs for Flat Bottom RailRead more
PNR-2G Chairs for 21mm High RailRead more
PNR-5A Chairs with Spigot 10x20mm Bar RailRead more
PNR-5M 5” Gauge Buffer StopRead more
PNR-7Y Clip Fit Chairs for Flat Bottom RailRead more
PNR-11Z Surrey Rail ChairRead more
PNR-12K Bar Rail Chairs and SpacersRead more
PNR-12K Bar Rail SchematicRead more
Rolling Stock Parts Assembly Instructions.
PNR-4Q & 4S Narrow Gauge Pedestal BearingsRead more
Technical Documents & Operating Instructions.
PNR-1D & 1E Brake Block DimensionsRead more
PNR-1G Vacuum Release Valve – Operating InstructionsRead more
PNR-1H Vacuum Limiting Valve – Operating InstructionsRead more
PNR-2E 12V Vacuum Pump – Operating InstructionsRead more
PNR 3P Progressive Brake Valve – Operating InstructionsRead more
PNR-4R Vacuum Ejector – Mounting DiagramRead more
PNR-4R Vacuum Ejector – General InstructionsRead more
PNR 11G & 11H Brake block DimensionsRead more