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Tony Finn - 5" Gauge Screw Fit Track

Here are some pictures of the track, including a plan of it.

The two "sidings" are for an up-and-down run in case anyone ever brought a larger loco which would not go round my 18ft radius curves. Each end of the oval slopes down at 1 in 96 to the middle of each curve.

Tony Finn - Laying the Track Bed 
1. The method of laying the track bed onto the well compacted heavy clay soil, over a blinding porous membrane, which stops the chippings working into the clay.

Tony Finn - First Length of PNP Track Built   Tony Finn - 5 inch Gauge Screw Fit Track with Ballast
2 & 3. The first photo shows the first length of PNP track I built, and the second shows it ballasted up. The ballast is 10mm Norwegian granite chippings which are imported into Hull Docks (about two miles away!) and have proved very satisfactory with PNP sleepers. A larger size (20 mm as  commonly used in road construction probably would not have been as they would have been too big to bed into the hollow of the sleepers properly.

Tony Finn - Ash Pit Being Bedded into Ballast
4. The Ash Pit, made from concrete paving slabs screwed together with stainless steel screws and here being bedded into the ballast.

Tony Finn - Gauge for Setting the Superelevation
5. Gauge for setting the superelevation, which is usually 1.1/2 to 2 degrees, based on a maximum 4mph.

Tony Finn - 5 inch Gauge Point Set   Tony Finn - 5 inch Gauge Point Set   Tony Finn - 5 inch Gauge Point Set
6, 7 & 8. First pair of points which I built from PNP components on afromosia sleepers laid onto full longitudinal battens which are hidden. The point of the frog is machined after bending the rail, to get the full depth of the web through the thin point, as described by Doug Hewson in EIM magazine. The brass plate gives extra support for this vulnerable area. Note the white Teflon sheet pads on which the switch blades rub. As you can see this was taken in Autumn, and we suffer from "leaves on the line"!

Tony Finn - Finished Western Spur
9. Finished western spur, built up to level. This is a handy place for unloading a loco using next door's drive (with permission!) at the left.

Tony Finn - View of Track in Front Garden
10. Front garden which was landscaped later, but before the raised bed was planted. The dwarf box hedge is growing nicely (it's at full size now at about 2ft)

Tony Finn - The Inaugural Run Around the Track
Photo: Geoff Thorne
11. This photograph shows myself driving "Sam", my Polly I round the track on the inaugural run.

Tony Finn - 5 inch Gauge Garden Track Plan
12. For further information a full description of the construction of the railway was given in "Model Engineer" in Issues 4288, 4291, & 4293. ("Once I Built A Railroad").

A short video clip of Tony Finn's Railway can be seen here on YouTube

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