7¼” Narrow Gauge & 10¼” Standard Scale Brake Blocks

Part No.  PNR-11G / PNR-11H

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The brake blocks are injection moulded in a grade of nylon which is filled with glass beads to a level of 40%. These beads are very small and provide the braking medium with the plastic acting as a carrier. The blocks are supplied ready to fit, only requiring the pin hole to be drilled

Set of 4 (2 x left hand and 2 x right hand) brake blocks for 7¼” Narrow Gauge, 10¼” Standard Scale (designed for a 10″ diameter wheel but will suit a wheel from 8″ to 12″)

This brake block is designed to fit the largest 7¼” narrow gauge and 10¼” standard scale models.  These blocks are handed left and right, this is because the hanger position is below centre to allow room for sets of blocks to be fitted to close coupled wheel sets as on Mount Kilimanjaro.

What’s in the box?

4 x Undrilled Brake Blocks

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The blocks are supplied ready to fit, only requiring the pin hole to be drilled. The blocks have proved themselves to be very effective at braking and also thoroughly clean wheel treads of dirt and practically any traces of aluminium.

Installation Instructions

• Place brake block on wheel tread in approximate running position (making sure angle on block matches angle on wheel).

• Position hanger in required position and mark where holes are required in blocks.

• Drill holes through blocks where required, and fit.

• Rough Dimensions: Length – 85.50mm, Width – 22mm with a 5.50mm opening.

Brake Block Dimensions

Watch a Youtube video on how to drill brake blocks

Sold as a set of 4 – 2 left and 2 right hand

See a Schematic of the Vacuum Braking System.

Read our Buying Guide for Vacuum Brakes

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