Combined Vacuum and Steam Brake Valves

Part No.  PNR-10K & PNR-10L

£185.05£195.85 Inc.VAT

Designed to allow the operation of a locomotive steam brake and application of the train vacuum brake with the same control handle.

The first movement of the handle starts to admit air to the train pipe through the graduated size holes. At about the halfway position, steam starts to be admitted to the locomotive brake cylinder. With the handle fully over vacuum and steam brakes are applied at their maximum.

What’s in the box?

1 x Combined Vacuum & Steam Brake Valve

Instructions – PNR-10K – Combined Vacuum and Steam Brake Valve -5″ Standard Scale, small 7¼” Standard Scale

Instructions – PNR-10L – Combined Vacuum and Steam Brake Valve – 7¼” standard Scale, small 10¼” Standard Scale

PNR-10L Product Specification

See a Schematic of the Vacuum Braking System.

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