Fish Plates

Part No.  PNR-2F & PNR-3K

£4.20£5.95 Inc.VAT

We offer two types of fish plates, light duty and heavy duty.

Both suit:

  • 5/8”x 5/8” (16mm High) flat bottom Aluminium Rail  
  • 2lb Yard (21mm High) Rail  

It is down to personal preference and what you will be running on your track.

The set includes 4 fish plates and 8 nuts and bolts.

One set contains enough parts to make two joins.

What’s in the box?
4 x Fish Plates
8 x Bolts
8 x Nuts

See our YouTube video on how to drill rail to fit fish plates here

Sold in Set of 4

Discounts for Quantity
11 – 20 Sets – 5% Discount
21 – 40 Sets – 7.5% Discount
41+ Sets – 10% Discount

Read our Buying Guide to Standard Scale Track

Discounts for Quantity

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