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Brake Blocks - 

There are five sizes of brake blocks in the PNP range:

• 1/8th Scale Brake Blocks, designed for standard scale 7¼" gauge rolling stock or locomotives (4" - 5" wheel diameter)

• 1/3rd Scale Brake Blocks designed for 7¼" narrow gauge rolling stock and locomotives (5" - 8" wheel diameter)

• True Scale RCH Brake Blocks designed for 7¼" standard scale rolling stock and wagons with a wheel diameter of 4¼" (scaled from 3' 1" full size wagon wheel)

• True Scale RCH Brake Blocks designed for 10¼" standard scale rolling stock and wagons with a wheel diameter of 7" (scaled from 3' 1" full size wagon wheel).

• 7¼" Narrow Gauge, 10¼" Standard Scale Brake Blocks (designed for a 10" diameter wheel but will suit a wheel from 8" to 12")

The blocks have proved themselves to be very effective at braking and also thoroughly clean wheel treads of dirt and practically any traces of aluminium, which if present when stock is transferred to steel rail after running on aluminium, can create severe slipping.

Despite the very good braking properties the blocks can be easily machined and indeed many people have altered the 1/8th scale version to fit large scale 5" gauge stock. The 1/3rd scale brake blocks are primarily intended for use on 7¼" narrow gauge prototypes with the wide wheel profiles.

The true scale RCH brake blocks faithfully follow full size practice and they are supplied with three pre-drilled holes as per full size RCH, included is a flange clasp as used on wagons without cross tie rods. They will fit a scale wheel straight from the packet.

A new addition to the range is a brake block designed to fit the largest 7¼" narrow gauge and 10¼" standard scale models. These blocks are handed left and right, this is because the hanger position is below centre to allow room for sets of blocks to be fitted to close coupled wheel sets as on Mount Kilimanjaro.  

Watch our video on how to locate the drill hole and drill the mounting point for your brake blocks. Click here.