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12v Vacuum Pump

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Brand: PNP Railways

For electric or internal combustion locomotives, you will require a 12v Vacuum Pump. The PNP Railways Vacuum Pump has an on/off switch, adjustable vacuum level control, relay, non-return valve, thermal cut out and fuses. All mounted in a case, piped and ready to run. When installed, turn on and let the vacuum switch run the system.

The pump should hardly need to run. If it does, then check that all the vacuum connections are good, and the end tails are on their dollies. The vacuum high limit is set by a switch mounted within the pump.

Please note: When used on a different locomotive or vacuum generator on a fitted set, it is best to expose all vacuum reservoirs to atmospheric pressure and re-evacuate to the current vacuum limit in use.

No other limiter of electrical or mechanical type should be used in conjunction with the pump.

Dimensions : (L) 200mm x (W) 150mm x (H) 75mm

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