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Vacuum Ejector - No 1

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Product Details
Brand: PNP Railways

Designed to create the most vacuum using the least amount of steam. Provides a reliable and effective means of creating vacuum on steam locomotives for powering the brakes systems fitted to 5", 71/4" & 101/4” gauge rolling stock.

The Ejector performance has been optimized to achieve the following:

  • Create 21″ Hg. Vacuum over a normal working range between 70 – 80 p.s.i using reasonably dry saturated steam.
  • The minimum boiler pressure required to create 21″ Hg. to be about 35 p.s.i.
  • The ejector to maintain this level of vacuum up to 120 p.s.i.
  • The rate of air ejection to be capable of exhausting a brake system appropriate to the size of the locomotive.
  • Low steam consumption. The demands for steam to be as low as practicable and in proportion to the locomotives grate area.
  • The air clack to remain tight over long periods without maintenance.
If a larger than optimal size ejector is fitted, this is not likely to affect performance but will result in greater steam consumption and provide higher evacuation rates.

Thread sizes are 5/16- 32

Nuts and nipples for pipe soldering included.

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