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"A Labour of Love: Unveiling the Progress of a 7.25″ Garden Railway with PNP Trackwork"

We were delighted to receive this write-up from one of our customers in Norfolk. We are sure that you will enjoy reading it:

Although the railway is still very much a work-in-progress, all the PNP parts are fitted, and I attach a few pictures which have particular reference to the trackwork. Most of the re-planting has yet to be completed.

The total length of the line is approximately 600 feet, all in 7.25″, and includes a main loop, passing branch extension, triangular run-round enabling trains to run both clockwise and anti-clockwise on the line, and a two-road engine shed. All trackwork is on the PNP system. The steepest gradient is 1 in 20, the sharpest radius is 15 feet, and there are seven sets of points. The line was laid on an existing mature Edwardian woodland garden, with MOT type 1 hardcore and 14mm Montsorrell granite ballast kept in place with boards. The PNP system meant that the track could be produced very quickly and easily (using a rail bender and a custom-made jig). The permanent way and trackwork were all down and operational within six months of starting.

Current motive power is provided by two Station Road Steam built 0-4-0 locomotives: a ‘Feldbahn’ which served as the firm’s demonstrator in Germany; and ‘Tihany’, an early ‘Stafford’ saddle tank with a distinguished history. Rolling stock consists of two driving trucks and a four-seat ride-in carriage by Paul Williamson, plus one three-seat ride-on convertible bogie truck.”

Please do keep sending us details of your projects. We really do enjoy reading them and seeing your pictures.

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