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Point Lever for 7¼" & 10¼" Gauge

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Brand: PNP Railways

When a train approaches a set of points, the point blades need to be moved into position to direct the train onto the correct track. The point lever is used to control the movement of these point blades.

The adjustable weight facility in a point lever allows the user to adjust the amount of force or pressure required to move the point blades. This is important because the amount of force required can vary depending on the type of track, the weight of the train, and other factors.
The adjustable weight facility typically consists of a mechanism that can be adjusted to add or remove weight from the lever arm of the point lever. By adding weight, the lever arm becomes more difficult to move, which can help to ensure that the point blades are moved into position with the correct amount of force.
Conversely, if the weight is reduced, the lever arm becomes easier to move, which can be useful in situations where less force is required, such as when operating a point lever by hand. The adjustable weight facility is self adjusting over a wide range of gapping.

Based on full size, the point lever is suitable for standard and narrow gauge equipment in both 7¼" & 10¼" gauge.

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