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RCH Brake Blocks for 7¼" - 10¼" - 4 pack

Designed to suit wheel diameter of 4″ or 3′ 1″ full size wagon wheel
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Brand: PNP Railways

The RCH (Railway Clearing House) brake block with clasp was developed in the late 19th century in the United Kingdom as a standardized braking system for railway wagons.. Prior to this, each railway company had its own braking system, which made it difficult to operate wagons across different networks.

The RCH brake block with clasp was designed to be easy to use and universally compatible, regardless of the railway company or network. The clasp holds the brake block in place against the wheel rim, and when the brakes are applied, it tightens and presses the block against the wheel, creating friction and slowing down the wagon.

The RCH brake block quickly became the standard braking system for wagons in the UK and were also widely adopted in other countries that followed the RCH standard. They were used on a variety of different wagons, including open wagons, covered wagons, tank wagons, and hopper wagons, among others.

PNP Railways RCH Brake Block

  • The PNP Railways RCH Brake Blocks mimic this 19th century design. Injection moulding in a grade of nylon which is filled with glass beads to a level of 40%. These beads are very small and provide the braking medium with the plastic acting as a carrier.
  • Sold - Set of 4 - RCH brake blocks with clasp, which are pre-drilled with three holes and feature a flange clasp - just like the ones used on full-sized wagons without cross tie rods. These blocks are ready to be installed and faithfully follow standard practice, ensuring reliable and effective braking performance for your railway wagons
  • Designed to suit wheel diameter of 4″ (PNR-4Z & 4Y)
  • Or - scaled from 3′ 1″ full size wagon wheel - (PNR-10H)
  • It is important to remember to periodically inspect the blocks and replace as needed to ensure that the brakes are functioning properly and can effectively slow down or stop the train in the event of an emergency.
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