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Display Track Kits

PNP Railways Display Track Kits - the perfect solution for exhibiting your finished model or standing your loco on while building. Our cost-effective track kits provide an authentic display track system that mimics the appearance of full-size railway components.

No need to work out what components you need; we have done it for you. The kit contains the correct amount of parts to build either a 4ft (1.25m) or 8ft (2.5m) length of track. All you need to do is decide on the number of kits required and which rail fitting you prefer.

Our track kits come complete with sleepers that have a wood grain effect to ensure an authentic look. The sleepers are also pre-drilled with pilot holes, making them ready to use straight out of the box.

To enhance the overall look of your display, our track kits can be mounted on a plinth with ballast. We recommend using 8mm Limestone chippings, which are readily available from your local DIY store or builders merchant.

Invest in a PNP Railways Display Track Kit today and showcase your models in style.

Show / Display Track available in the following gauges.

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